Media Clusters Brussels in the news

Marlen Komorowski News and events

After last week’s press event, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV channels reported on the first insights of the Media Clusters Brussels project. The headlines of the news read: “Brussels is the media capital”. More than 30 journalists and representatives of local organizations and institutions attended the event. The Media Clusters Brussels researchers, Marlen Komorowski and Victor Wiard presented the quantitative …

Press Event: New insights revealed on the plans of VRT, RTBF and SAU-MSI

Marlen Komorowski News and events

On Thursday March 16th, the Media Clusters Brussels project organized as part of the press event a short debate between Geert De Preeter (Project Director VRT), Bauduin Auquier (Senior Project Leader Reyers 2020), Jan Verheyen (SAU-MSI, Urban Development Corporation) and Florence Le Cam (Chair in Journalism at ULB) about the new media park in Reyerslaan in Brussels, where big national …

A media city in Reyers? A meeting with François Leclercq

Victor Wiard News and events

This week, François Leclercq was in Brussels for a conference entitled: “de passage en ville” (literally: coming in/going through town), organised by the ADT-ATO (the Agency for Territorial Development). This was an opportunity for us to hear the town planner, urban developer, entrepreneur and teacher on his vision of cities, their evolutions, and the future of Reyers.