welcomes MCB researcher to its board

Marlen Komorowski News and events‘ aim is to support audiovisual entrepreneurs in the Brussels-Capital Region. Its role is to provide support and expertise to audiovisual players. In 2018, the Board welcomes a new member: MCB researcher Marlen Komorowski.

Since 2016, the cluster is part of the umbrella organisation, which includes four entities: cluster, fund, business and film commission. In two years, has supported more than a hundred companies.

The Board

The cluster’s Board is meant to be a sharing platform among all the major audiovisual players in Brussels and Belgium, whether public or private (European, federal, community and regional, institutional or private). It includes representatives from various organizations including RTBF, RTL, CCA, VAF, UPFF, UB&BV, SACD, ASA, INSAS and ULB. The cluster’s Board performs strategic and technological monitoring of the industry, identifying needs and problems, and offering a unique sharing platform in Brussels.

Marlen Komorowski, researcher at imec – SMIT – VUB, welcomes the opportunity to be part of the board and to share research of MCB and other projects as well as form the future of Brussels’ audiovisual sector.

In the first board meeting, Marlen Komorowski shared her research findings from her research on the impact of “Brussels’ media industry”. She also included information about the research institute imec – SMIT – VUB and encouraged future collaborations and exchange between the board members.

You can download the presentation by clicking here!

The cluster in figures

The cluster gathers 160 players in Brussels’ audiovisual sector.

Profils of the members:

  • 71 producers (43%)
  • 53 post-producers (38%)
  • 10 services providers
  • 6 small broadcaster (-10%)
  • 5 big broadcasters diffuseurs (-10%)
  • 15 others (10%)

The cluster can also count on an extended network of private and public partners:

  • Universities and high schools (ULB, VUB, INSAS,…)
  • Professionals organisations (UPFF, ASA, SACD)
  • Public Institutions (CCA, VAF,.)
  • Support R&D (Innoviris,
  • Partners for internationalization (BIE, Wbimages, Screen Flanders)
  • Professionals associations (Flega, Walga, BEVR,…)