Do you even publish? MCB’s first journal article is out

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Marlen Komorowski, researcher of MCB and doctoral student of the VUB, published her first MCB article in the International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics. The 12th Volume (2) of the journal published in June this year by Intellect, features a number of high quality articles in the area on politics of communication and cultural processes in their local, international and global dimensions. The perfect forum to promote MCB’s work!

The article titled “The seven parameters of media clusters: An integrated approach for local cluster analysis” is hopefully the first of a number of articles of the project that can be disseminated to not only locally but also to international interested experts and academics in the field of media cluster research. We encourage to spread the word on this article.

You can get access by clicking here!

Quote (APA) our article like this: Komorowski, M. (2016). The seven parameters of media clusters: An integrated approach for local cluster analysis. International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics, 12(2), 171-191.

The journal article: seven parameters of media clusters


The article features the findings of Deliverable 1.1b and “demonstrates that the idea of a media cluster being simply an agglomeration of media companies is incorrect as multiple other dynamics occur. Many authors claim ‘co-location does not mean collaboration’. But, the literature so far does not offer a structured framework to scope the heterogeneous facets of media clusters. The goal of this article was to close this gap. In order to achieve the said goal, not only the media cluster literature but also general cluster literature was analysed, looking for entities that have been studied, their characteristics and interrelations in cluster analyses. On the basis of the literature study, this article identified three entities of media clusters: media institutions, media workers and communities. Additionally, seven parameters have been investigated that characterize these entities: place, proximity, population, profile, path-dependency, policy and performance. Bringing the entities and the parameters together, a multidisciplinary framework was created that can be used to describe and analyse media clusters going beyond ‘co-location’ and even ‘collaboration’.” —- Komorowski, 2016