SMIT Policy Brief published: Brexit, BXL and the media industry

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Today,  SMIT published its 11th Policy Brief and gives insights on Brexit, the media industry and what this means for Belgium and Brussels.  The Media Unit of the research centre SMIT – Studies on Media, Innovation and Technology, which is part of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and imec, publishes regularly short updates on research results and policy relevant issues to target policy makers in Belgium. The last edition of the Policy Brief was written by MCB researcher, Marlen Komorowski. She calls for policy actions in Belgium and Brussels! Without a strong policy strategy, Belgium and Brussels will loose in the run for London’s media companies.

The Policy Brief gives insights on three levels:

  1. Why is London Europe’s media capital at the moment? And what will the Brexit do to that status?
    The Brexodus of media companies from London has already started as the UK’s Brexit votum brings many disadvantages and some but not all European cities will be able to benefit from that.
  2. What are other European countries and cities doing to attract media companies from the UK?
    Deemed as attractive for London’s media companies are The Netherlands with Amsterdam, Germany with Berlin and Ireland with Dublin. We can observe in all these countries clear policy actions and lobbying happening that targets media companies from the UK and internationally. Brussels and Belgium is lagging behind.
  3. How will media companies choose a new location on European ground? And what can Belgium and Brussels do to be that location?
    Media companies look at the “ease of relocation and connectivity”, at “financial considerations” and “growth prospects”. Belgium and espcially Brussels score high on many points but there are also issues. In order to attract media businesses, there is a clear need for well-organized, not fragemented and targeted policy actions.

Marlen Komorowski concludes, that the time is now, if Belgium and Brussels wants to be in the race for the “media-Brexodus”.

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