The Media Workers Level

media workersThe level of analysis of Brussels’ media workers and their profiles, skills and identity will draw from research of the sociology of media professions.

Recent scientific literature in this field has focused on how media professionals face the challenges that technological innovations and amateur content production have posed to the media industry. The crisis of established mass media production and business models have led to more precarious work conditions across media sectors, including journalism, advertising and audiovisual production. In order to address the redefinition of professional identities and the position of the media industries in society, this research combines the approach of the sociology of media professions with an actor-network theory (ANT) perspective, which allows to look at the connections between professionals and the broader community and can be frictionless integrated in the cluster analysis approach. ANT invites the researcher to follow the practices of actors and their interactions in order to understand how their identities are shaped and how a social activity (media production in this case) may evolve as the network of relationships shifts over time. In this framework the expected outcome is a complete picture of the media workers integrated in the media cluster(s) and their proximity on geographical and professional level.