Media Clusters Brussels is subsidised by INNOVIRIS’ “Anticipate – Prospective Research” programme. Since October 2014 the project will have the chance to accompany and reflect upon the development of the in Brussels over the course of four years.

The team works closely together with two agencies in Brussels, the Agency for Urban Development (SAU-MSI) and (Brussels Planning Agency). They are the link of the project to the on-going development of Reyers, act as gateway between the researchers and relevant stakeholders and are deeply involved in the valorisation of the project outcomes. Based on the three research levels: 1) media organisations, 2) media workers and 3) communities of practice, The research program is articulated in six complementary Work Packages:

  1. Conceptual coordination of mapping the Brussels’ media industry
  2. Media organisations’ characteristics and value chain
  3. Media organisations’ cluster logic and value generation
  4. Media workers’ skills, profiles and social networks
  5. Media workers’ mobility and local attachment
  6. Media workers as communities of practice

The organisation within complementary Work Packages distributed along the different research groups highlights the strengths within each groups’ discipline.