Our research

The importance of the media industry for the development of an attractive post-modern urban economy has been often emphasized in research. Even though Brussels hosts important national and regional media companies, public and private, and is the biggest press centre in the world with the number of journalists fluctuating between 1.500 and 2.000 (Bureau de Liaison Bruxelles-Europe 2011), the Belgian capital  is not yet part of the leading media cities.

However, efforts to develop the media industry in the Brussels Region have been made: In December 2013, the Brussels Government approved the Design of the Sustainable Regional Development Plan. In this plan, Reyers is identified as one of the seven priority areas to be developed as a strategic leverage in the multipolar development strategy for the region. The key element for this area is the implementation of Mediapark.brussels on the current site of the Flemish and Walloon Public Broadcasters. In the same plan, the cultural and, creative industries, including the media industry, are identified as one of four economic sectors that are key to the development of the metropolitan economy.

The MCB consortium wants to create valuable output to support the creation of Mediapark.brussels at the site of Reyers and other projects in Brussels through analysing the current media industry. The research will be addressed from different but interrelated perspectives, by zooming in from a broader view to the specificities of the organisational dynamics and practices in the media sector . Three levels of analysis will be addressed through different Work Packages: 1) media organisations, 2) media workers, 3) communities of practice within Brussels’ media sector. The project is organised with the financial support of Innoviris.

Our organisation into workpackages
 Our theoretical approach