New Research of MCB presented in Ghent

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The Media Clusters Brussels (MCB) project co-organized last week the pre-conference of emma (10.05.2017) and presented new research at the conference (11.05-13.03.2017) in Ghent. The conference and pre-conference gave MCB the opportunity to extend their network in the field of Media Cluster research and disseminate the latest research results of the project.

Emma, the European Media Management Association, is an international not-for-profit academic organisation that was founded in 2003 to support growth in media management research, scholarship and practice throughout Europe and around the world. Emma organizes yearly academic conferences throughout Europe for the academic community that is providing education and producing scientific research in media management and economics. The goals of emma are to provide a forum for researchers in the field, to encourage future research, promote collaboration and more. This year’s emma conference was hosted by University of Gent and co-organized by VUB’s research institute SMIT. MCB is part of SMIT-VUB and had the opportunity to co-organize and support the pre-conference of the event.

The emma Pre-Conference in the Krook, Ghent

The emma Pre-Conference (10.05.2017) had the title “Creative Clusters, Media Hubs and everything in between. Putting theory to the test” and took place at the new Krook building in Ghent. More than 50 attendees had the opportunity to get insights from academics and practitioners of the media cluster research field.

MCB researcher, Marlen Komorowski, gave not only the introductory presentation of the event titled “An Introduction to the Theory” but also presented first insights into the case. Other leading scholars and practitioners in the field presented divers media cluster cases from Europe including among others Mediapolis in Tampere, Finland, Mediacity Bergen and Filmcity Aarhus. The divers mix of theoretical insights and specific case studies presented was the perfect forum for MCB’s research. You can find the MCB presentations below.

The emma Conference in Het Pand, Ghent

The emma conference (11.05.-13.05.2017) had this year the title “Value Creation in Media Markets: Business Models, Clusters and Ecosystems”. The programme offered a Parallel Session (12.05.2017) called “Creative Clusters and Media Hubs”. MCB researcher Marlen Komorowski was invited for this session and gave a presentation in front of leading scholars in the field about the on-going research of the MCB project.

The presentation had the title “The multidisciplinarity of media and CCI clusters – A structured literature review”. The presentation was based on an on-going study that looks at the literature field of media and CCI cluster studies. 164 articles from academic international journals were analysed. Based on the preliminary results three main conclusions can be drawn:

  1. Literature on CCI and media agglomeration is still highly fragmented with few specialised authors. But the interest in the topic is growing.
  2. The research field taps more and more into disciplines related to media and communication studies. More disciplines will join the field in the future.
  3. The two main approaches in the field (Media Cluster approach vs Creative City / Class approach) share a lot and have a lot of concepts in common. Still, they seem to be used separately by the academic community.

The research study calls for more unity in the research field in the future and encourages scholars to tap in future research into different disciplines to enrich research.

The presentations

You can find all presentations and related pubications of the MCB project by clicking here. You can also directly download the presentations of the emma conference and pre-conference here:

Presentation, emma pre-conference (10.05.2017) “An Introduction to the Theory”

Presentation, emma pre-conference (10.05.2017) “The Case of the Future”

Presentation, emma conference (12.05.2017) “The multidisciplinarity of media and CCI clusters – A structured literature review”