Mediahub Brussels to promote local media industry

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The Flemish Minister for Brussels, Sven Gatz, will launch in 2018 the ‘Mediahub Brussels’. In collaboration with the VUB, SMIT will lead the project. The Mediahub is part of the 2018 policy letter for Brussels affairs, which was approved by the Flemish Government in October 2017. The project’s goals are to create synergies and a collaborative platform between and for the various media players in the capital. Media Clusters Brussels supported the project by providing insights into the economic impact of Brussels’ media industry.

The Announcement

In the announcement of the Mediahub Brussels from last week, Sven Gatz stresses the importance of Brussels as media locality in Belgium and refers to the findings of the MCB project published in Deliverable 2.3a:

Brussels and the Flemish outskirts account for almost half of the total value generated by the Belgian media sector annually. Brussels has a major advantage compared to other cities such as Antwerp (10%) and Mechelen (5%). The media sector thus provides more than 16,000 jobs (2.7% of the active population in Brussels) in Brussels.”

The Mediahub’s goals

Based on the insights created by MCB, the Mediahub is supposed to respond to the prominent presence in the capital area of ​​both traditional media companies and young companies dedicated to new media and support the economic development of the industry. Sven Gatz summarizes:

“With the Mediahub Brussels, we want companies active in the media, and ICT sectors to be able to better deal with the different challenges of our rapidly changing and internationally emerging media landscape. Mediahub Brussels becomes a platform that combines media and innovation initiatives to exchange knowledge and experiences, to grasp international opportunities and support start ups. It will also stimulate education and research through the design of a postgraduate in media economics and through doctoral studies. “

There are three main goals:

Inform: The creation of better knowledge exchange between the different media sectors in Brussels, including training of future media professionals and stimulating international cooperation and new research.

Investment: The facilitation of innovative projects, through the linking of the different local start-up initiatives and the attraction of investments into Brussels’ media industry.

Interact: The creation of interactive platforms through events and constent dialogue between local and international media players.