Media Clusters Brussels: Four years of research

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On 12 December, Media Clusters Brussels organized the official closing event of the research project. In front of an audience of more than 40 stakeholders of Brussels’ media industry, researchers and the public, MCB presented four years of research.

MCB would like to thank everyone involved in the project, its advisory board members and Innoviris for financing the project.

Research results of MCB

How can the structure and dynamics of the media sector in the Brussels Metropolitan Area be enhanced to improve its social and economic roles?

Four years ago, the MCB project asked this question. Today, we have summarized our research findings in the Brussels Studies Synopsis titled “A mediapark in Brussels? The media industry and its regional dynamics”. The findings can be summarized as follows:

The Brussels-Capital Region plans currently the 10-year project, an urban and real estate development project at the Reyers district around the current site of the public broadcasters VRT and RTBF. MCB’s research results highlight several cluster configurations within Brussels’ media industry, the diversity of the sector’s workforce, and provide insight into different models of worker communities and their activities. The political orientations currently governing the implementation of were also analyzed. The knowledge gained makes it possible to evaluate the possible strategies for this project, considering that in Belgium, the media fall within the competence of the Communities, and not the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region. The results highlight tensions that arise in the setting up of, opposing urban development and cultural development, local perspective and international perspective, the media cluster covering a wide range of activities and a cluster specialized in media.

In order to enhance and improve the social and economic role of the media industry in Brussels, the MCB project suggests, that these tensions need to be taken into account.

Did you miss the closing event?

You can watch the presentations of the closing event here!

Thank you for everyone who participated in the closing event.

Here are our highlights of four years MCB

  • Large publication track record
    • 18 Deliverables
    • 6 articles (and more to come)
  • Organization of many events
    • 1 press conference
    • 3 academic workshops / conferences
    • bi-monthly meetings with industry and policy makers
  • Valorization of research
    • 18 reports on TV, newspapers, magazines about the project
    • 13 presentations
    • 11 interactive visualizations
  • Large and strong local and international network
    • advisory board membership
    • Collaboration with local advisory board of the project
    • International ties to research associations, networks and organizations

Within four years, MCB was able to build a large publication track record (click here to find them all). MCB published 18 Deliverables including research results and data bases. Additionally, MCB created 13 presentations presented at international academic conferences, events and workhops. 6 articles have been published by high ranking academic journals and as book chapters so far and more will follow. Furthermore, MCB created 11 interactive visualizations for everyone to explore the local media industry (click here to check out the visualizations).

MCB organized a number of events inlcuding press and academic conferences. This has led to a number of newspaper articles, TV reports, interviews and more reporting about the project or research results (click here to find the press clippings).

MCB built up a large network within and outside of Brussels’ media industry. This includes the participation of a MCB researcher in the board. MCB worked closely with its advisory committee together including like VRT and RTBF and policy stakeholders like and SAU-MSI to work on the project. MCB brought its research results and the project outside of Brussels, including research stays and presentation in Finland, London, Porto, New York, Angers, Hamburg, Cape Town, Almaty and more places around the world.

The Media Clusters Brussels project team will keep up its work on Brussels’ media industry also in the future. Stay tuned for future research and projects of MCB by following us on Twitter.