MCB presents at seminar in Brussels

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Media Clusters Brussels had the opportuntity to present in Brussels the first research results at a seminar. The presentation was titled “Brussels’ media industry – The place to be for institutions, workers and communities?”. The research seminar “Understanding culture and creativity in Brussels: is Brussels the new Berlin?” was held in Brussels on December 8th, 2016. This seminar was organized by our colleagues of the research Innoviris research project entitled “The diversity of work in the cultural and creative industries: making it work for Brussels”.

During this day of reflecting on Brussels’ cultural and creative industries, MCB researchers Marlen Komorowski, Victor Wiard and Sylvain Plazy had the opportunity to present MCB’s first results regarding the media industry during a panel (see program and presentation below). The presentation was divided in three parts focusing first on the density and impact of media institutions in and around the capital, then on media workers’ diversity within the different media sub-sectors, before providing data on on how media workers create knowledge through informal or semi-formal communities of practice.

The name of the¬†workshop was chosen as a reference to an article of the New York Times entitled “Why Brussels is the new Berlin” (NY Times, December 9th, 2015). This research day allowed researchers of all panels to provide interesting reflections on how to actually describe and study Brussels’ cultural and media environments.

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