MCB presents at Summer School in Porto

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MCB sent researcher Marlen Komorowski to the CREIMA Summer School. The Creative Industries and Media Management Course, CREIMA, is an initiative from CIC.Digital, University of Porto and IMMA – International Media Management Academic Association. The researcher had the opportunity to present the on-going work on the MCB project and present pre-liminary results. The course was from 3rd to 6th of July in Porto, Portugal and experts in the Media Management field shared interesting insights on different topics.

CREIMA Summer School – Creative Industries and Media Management Course

The goal of the Summer School is to stimulate the transfer of knowledge and experience between professors, professionals and graduae students from several fields related to Creative and Media Studies. Creation and Innovation are in the core of the course giving a platform for on-going research. The school has an internatonal dimension, with prominent teachers from several geographies fostering networking and debate, and disclose current research. The agenda included besides other activities, the following lectures:

Internationalization and Financing of Creative and Media Companies. Eli Noam/ Columbia University

Digitization in the Creative Economy: social and economic developments and policy. Ruth Towse / Co-Director of the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management

Trends and Strategies in Digital Media and Creative Projects and Production. Monica Herrero/ Navarra University

Research Methods and Trends in Media and Creative Industries. Terry Flew/ Queensland Technology University

MCB presentation: The Clustering of Media in Localities by Marlen Komorowski

The presentation of MCB researcher, Marlen Komorowski, outlined her on-going PhD researcher within the MCB project. The presentation was titled “The Clustering of Media in Localities” and insights into the research context of Media Clusters, the structure of the thesis and first insights on the newly developed concept called “Perception Economies”, that play an influence on Media Cluster development. You can find all presentations and related pubications of the MCB project by clicking here. You can also directly download the presentations of the emma conference and pre-conference here:

Presentation, CREIMA (06.07.2017) “The Clustering of Media in Localities”