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We invite you cordially to the Seminar “Creative Clusters, Media Hubs and everything in between. Putting theory to the test” on May 10 at the new Krook building in Ghent.

The seminar is hosted by Ghent University and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, in collaboration with Media Clusters Brussels and De Krook as part of the 2017 conference of the European Media Management Association (emma) in Ghent. The research seminar invites speakers and attendees to provide hands-on insights on specific cases in media clusters, discuss the insights and reflect on challenges in media cluster research, and how to overcome them. By combining insights from researchers and practitioners, we aim to provide recommendations for policymakers and input for scholars working on media cluster research.

About the Seminar

In the past decade, research has increasingly focused on the dynamics and specificities of media clusters, and the ways in which policymakers facilitate the concept. The field of media cluster research has also proven to be a diverse and interdisciplinary one, with contributions from media scholars, economic geography, and urban studies. Policymakers on national, regional and local levels have increasingly explored the potential of the agglomeration of media activities. While much is already known on the conceptualization of such clusters, much more challenging for research is to assess the effectiveness of media clusters, and to grasp how geographic proximity also leads to effective collaboration or better value of services and content.

This research seminar specifically sets out to hold theory against practice. The goal is to transcend the hype of media clusters, by looking at what comes out of them.


Find more information here. You can register here.

Date and Time: 10 May, 13:00-17:30
Address: Plattenberg 11, 9000 Ghent

The preconference is free for emma conference attendees and members, and speakers and panelists of the preconference. The fee for external guests is 45€, students’ fees are 25€.


Early emma registration & preconference registration

Prof. Dr. Tom Evens, imec-MICT, Ghent University
Prof. Dr. Tim Raats, imec-SMIT, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Setting the scene: cluster research, concepts, trends and challenges for media practioners, policy and researchers
Success factors for creative cultures and clusters
Prof. Dr. Lizzie Jackson, London South Bank University
Dr. Michal Glowacki, University of Warsaw


Session 1: High ambitions, uncertain outcomes? Translating creative clusters in policies

Chair: TBC

Media Clusters Brussels
(presented by Ms. Marlen Komorowski, MCB Researcher, imec-SMIT, Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
De Krook
(presented by Mr. Wim Dewaele, CEO Eggsplore & Former Director of iMinds)
Cluster policies in the Netherlands
(Erik Hitters, Associate Professor, Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Coffee break

Session 2: Creative clusters: outcome and effectiveness, lessons from case studies
Chair: Prof. Dr. Tim Raats
(presented by Sari Virta, PhD candidate, University of Tampere and Jönköping International Business School)
Mediacity Bergen
(presented by Ole J. Mjøs, Professor at University of Bergen, and Academic Director of the University’s branch in Media City Bergen)
Filmcity Aarhus
(presented by Anne Marit Waade, Professor, Aarhus University, and Mr. Carsten Holst, CEO Filmcity Aarhus, TBC)

Closing panel: Looking ahead: key priorities for cluster research
Chair: Ms. Sari Virta
Mr. Carsten Holst (TBC), Prof. Dr. Ole Mjøs, Ms. Marlen Komorowski, Prof. Dr. Erik Hitters, Prof. Dr. Leona Achtenhagen, Dr. Michal Glowacki and Prof. Dr. Lizzie Jackson