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Members of MCB have recently participated in a series of conferences and debates coordinated by Brussels Academy. The event series was called “Which Media for Brussels?”.Brussels Academy is a project that aims at putting together recent research on Brussels with academics and citizens from the Brussels Capital.

The program was a developed together with Brussels Academy members: Tout Autre Information, the blog BrusselsFuture, as well as researchers from the Brussels-based universities (ULB, VUB, USL-B) including yours truly MCB project promoters.

Two debates concluded this series of events, including one at the Beurschouwburg (video available here) on 27 October. A number of media industry representatives, journalists and the MCB researcher discussed about the future of media in the Brussels Capital: Beatrice Delvaux (Le Soir), Jeroen Roppe (Bruzz), Yvan Vandenbergh (Bruxselfuture), Tarik Laabi (Arabel), Simon Werner (All Other Information), Jean-Jacques Deleeuw (BX1), Martine Simonis (Dutch-speaking and French-speaking Federation of professional journalists). In collaboration with Yvan Vandenbergh (Bruxselsfuture), Simon Werner (All Other Information) Geoffroy Patriarche (USL-B), Sabri Derinöz (USL-B), David Domingo (ULB), Florence Le Cam (ULB) & Ike Picone (VUB). You can find the programme of all events below. You can also check out the presentations of the MCB researchers through the links below.

Stay tuned for more events with MCB researchers !

The Presentations at Brussels Academy

Etat des lieux – Stand van zaken (FR) by David Domingo (ULB), Sabri Derinöz (USL-B)

Information et publics – Informatie en publieken (FR/NL) by Ike Picone (VUB)

The Programme at Brussels Academy
29/09,12:00 Etat des lieux – Stand van zaken (FR) David Domingo (ULB), Sabri Derinöz (USL-B)
06/10,12:00 Bruxelles dans les médias – Brussel in de media (FR) Victor Wiard (ULB)
13/10,12:00 Qui fait l’information à Bruxelles ? – Wie maakt informatie in Brussel ? (FR) Manon Libert (ULB)
20/10,12:00 Information et publics – Informatie en publieken (FR/NL) Ike Picone (VUB)
27/10,12:00 Modèles alternatifs d’information – Alternatieve informatiemodellen (FR/NL) Olivier Bailly (Médor), DaarDaar, Mathieu Simonson (asbl Dewey), Nathalie Cobbaut (USL-B/ Agence Alter), Alexandre Penasse (Kairos) & Yvan Vandenbergh (Bruxselsfuture)


GRAND DEBAT Quel média pour Bruxelles? / GROOT DEBAT Welke media voor Brussel? (FR/NL) Béatrice Delvaux (Le Soir), Jeroen Roppe (Bruzz), Yvan Vandenbergh (Bruxselsfuture), Tarik Laabi (Arabel),Werner Simon (Tout Autre Information), Jean-Jacques Deleeuw (BX1), Martine Simonis (Fédération néerlandophone et francophone des journalistes professionnels)