The Cultural and Creative Industries in Brussels – New Report Published

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The media industry is part of the cultural and creative economy (CC) and cultural and creative industries (CCI). As such, it is also interesting for us to look at the CC in Brussels. The “sister” Innoviris project of Media Clusters Brussels called “The Diversity of Work in the Creative and Cultural Industries: Making it Work for Brussels of the VUB, ULB and USL-B published now a report on the Cultural and Creative Economy of Brussels.

The new published report shows the economic size of the CCI (in terms of turnover, added value, employment and number of companies), its development over time (2005-2014), its composition into sub-sectors, its geographical distribution, and some features of the workforce in Brussels. It was commissioned by the regional government of Brussels and is meant to become a strategic tool for local and regional authorities, and a benchmark for the Brussels cultural and creative community. Here are some key insights from the report:

  • In 2014, a total of 13654 firms were part of the CC economy, representing 14.5 % of all firms in the Brussels Capital Region (BCR). This share was markedly higher than the corresponding number for Flanders (10.4 %) and Wallonia (9.7 %).
  • By number of firms, the largest three CC sectors were Architecture (22 % of the CC economy), Fashion (20 %) and Printed Media (14 %). The composition of the CC economy in Brussels differs from the other regions in particular in the size of the Audiovisual sector (10 % of the CC economy) and Advertising (10%). These are significantly larger than in Flanders and Wallonia.
  • CC value added in Brussels was 2.8 billion EUR in 2014, representing 4.3 % of total BCR value added. This was a significantly higher share than in Flanders (2.9 %) and Wallonia (2.5 %).
  • In 2014 the CC economy employed 32200 workers in the BCR, which amounted to 4.7 % of the region’s total employment. The shares on total employment were much lower in Flanders (3.8 %) and in Wallonia (3.0 %).

The new report can be directly compared with the Deliverables of MCB that highlight the sub-sector of media activities as part of the CCI in Brussels. MCB published in April 2017 Deliverable 2.3a and 4.2a. Both Deliverables also highlight added value, employment, development and geographical distribution of Brussels’ media industry and therefore nicely extend the insights of the newly published report.


You can download the newly published report on Brussels’ CCI by clicking here!

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