Cape Town: MCB presents new research insights to the academic community

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This years’ World Media Economics and Management Conference (WMEMC) took place in Cape Town. Hundreds of academics exchanged new research and insights about the media industry in South Africa. On May 9, MCB researcher, Marlen Komorowski, presented the latest insights from the MCB project to an international audience at the conference.

Cape Town welcomes media academics

The topic of WMEMC this year was “Media Management in the Age of Tech Giants: Collaboration or Co-opetition?”. The conference in Cape Town aimed to interrogate the business, management and leadership strategies, tactics and policies of the current media industry in Africa and globally to gauge their relevance and effectiveness in an age where international digital media conglomerates are increasingly displacing traditional media in the creation, value-addition and dissemination of media content to audiences. WMEMC brought together a large number of leading academics in media management and economics and practitioners from media companies.

MCB presents new insights

MCB researcher, Marlen Komorowski, presented new research on the drivers of media clusters. The working paper is called “THE ECONOMICS OF MEDIA CLUSTERS: Localities of media activities in a globalized world”. In this paper four drivers are identified: Agglomeration Economies, Urbanization Economies, Localization Economies and Perception Economies. Preliminary findings based on a survey of media businesses in Brussels have been presented that indicate the relative importance of these drivers in media clusters.

Call for media experts from Brussels to answer the on-going survey

The working paper is still in development. MCB seeks input from media businesses in Brussels for the survey to finalize the research. This survey is for media industry experts especially working in the Brussels’ neighborhoods Reyers, Flagey – Port de Namur and the European Quarter. The responses to this survey will help the Brussels Government to evaluate the local conditions for media businesses in Brussels so that better projects and initiatives can be designed.

Are you an expert of Brussels’ media industry? Do you represent a media business located in Brussels? The VUB seeks your input for a survey that is conducted for the Brussels-Capital Region.

Please click here! to go to the survey

The presentations

You can find all presentations and related pubications of the MCB project by clicking here. You can also directly download the presentation from WMEMC here:

Komorowski, M. & Fodor, M. (2018) “Working paper: THE ECONOMICS OF MEDIA CLUSTERS – Localities of media activities in a globalized world”, Presentation at the World Media Economis and Management Conference: MEDIA MANAGEMENT IN THE AGE OF TECH GIANTS: COLLABORATION OR CO-OPETITION? Rhodes University, Cape Town (South Africa) 6-9 May 2018.