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MCB contributed to the new book with the title “Cultural and Creative Industries in Brussels – La créativité dans une ville divisée”. The book is out now. Chapter 2 called “Brussels’ Media Industry – A first look into its size and composition” is authored by MCB researchers Marlen Komorowski and Victor Wiard. You can get the book by clicking here.

On 4 December, the book was presented at a Symposium in Brussels. The book is part of the “sister” Innoviris project of MCB called “The diversity of work in the cultural and creative industries: making it work for Brussels“. MCB is proud to be part of the book and work together with Innoviris researchers in Brussels. You can find all presentations from the Symposium here.

An Introduction to the Chapter

What is the size and composition of Brussels’ media industry?

The chapter demonstrates that the media industry inBrussels makes a significant contribution to the city’s economy and employment. In addition, it is evident that Brussels is the leading location for media activities and employment in Belgium. The AV sector in particular contributes a great deal to Brussels’ media industry and includes many large players. The city’s media industry is growing faster than the total economy of Belgium, making Brussels more significant with every year that passes. The analysis shows that there is a diversity of mediated content producers. Major key national and regional companies such as public and private TV broadcasters, newspapers andadvertising agencies employ a large number of staff.

It is also apparent that the number of employees in Brussels’ media industry is declining. Christopherson (2008) found that, while the demand for media products is rising, there is pressure on media organizations to reduce labour costs. Additionally, the media industry in Brussels is defined by major players and otherwise only micro and small media organizations exist. This can be interpreted as a sign that the Brussels’ media industry is not dynamic. Flew (2002) states that the opportunity for the media industry lies especially in the creation of SMEs. Brussels mostly hosts micro and small businesses. This leads to the conclusion that the Brussels’ media industry is, despite its strengths, struggling.

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