The Pôle de Recherches sur la Communication et les Médias / Research Center for Communication and Media (PReCoM) brings together academics and researchers at Saint-Louis University, Brussels (USL-B) who are researching communication and (new) media from a range of theoretical and methodological perspectives. While PReCoM is mainly rooted in media and communication studies, it also combines approaches from other fields and disciplines in the humanities and the social sciences in order to address different dimensions of the media-society nexus.  

In collaboration with other research centers at Saint-Louis University and beyond PReCoM is participating in research initiatives and developing expertise in the following main areas: 1) Networks and communities of practice in the media sector; 2) ICT uses and digital literacy; 3) Media audience research; 4) The European public sphere, civil society and mediated citizen participation.

For more information on our research group, please visit http://www.usaintlouis.be/precom/.

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