Victor Wiard


Victor WiardWith a Masters degree in information and communication (specialization in research) at ULB, holding a Bachelor degree in applied communication (IHECS, Brussels) with a focus in journalism, and having studied in the United States (2008) and Spain (2011), Victor Wiard’s research for the MCB project focuses on media workers in Brussels and the evolution of media work. His thesis focuses on the production, circulation and uses of local news in Brussels. Passionate about research and its links to society, he is interested in reflecting upon qualitative, quantitative as well as new methods of doing communication research, and the theories and concepts we use to describe media. Within the MCB project, Victor researches the level of (2) media workers in Brussels through the sociology of professions and occupations as well as Actor-Network-Theory (ANT).

Media workers, communication research

ReSIC (Centre de recherche en sciences de l’information et de la communication)
Université libre de Bruxelles
Av. Roosevelt 50
1000 Brussels

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