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Media Clusters Brussels – MCB – is a collaborative and interdisciplinary research project of the three leading universities of Brussels, VUB, ULB and USL-B. The aim is to analyse the many facets of the media industry located in the Brussels Capital Region and explore the development of clusters.

The Projet de Plan Régional de Développement Durable / Ontwerp van Gewestelijk Plan voor Duurzame Ontwikkeling for Brussels (2013), approved by the Brussels Regional Government in 2013, identifies the cultural and creative industries as one of the four key sectors of the metropolitan economy, and more specifically proposes a Mediapark.brussels at Reyers as the first strategic cluster. However, despite the fact that the Brussels Region is committed to foster the development of the media sector, there is up until now hardly any empirical data available about the structure and dynamics of the media industry in Brussels. Hence, this project aims at creating socio-economic value for the media industry in the Brussels Region and beyond by providing decision-makers with the in-depth knowledge regarding the media industry while accompanying the phases of implementation of the media cluster at Reyers.

Our overarching research question is: How can the structure and dynamics of the media sector in the Brussels Metropolitan Area be enhanced to improve its social and economic roles?

The research project is creating a diverse array of analytic methods for collecting and presenting empirical data about the range and scope of the media industries in Brussels, the profiles and local implication of media workers and the dynamics of communities of practice where they share knowledge. Moreover, the prospective aim of the project is to envision future scenarios based on the development of Reyers and its articulation with other clusters. Further, needs and gaps of the sector will be identified, and recommendations built on benchmarks to foster the positive developments of such a crucial industry.

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