Really? 16.000 media workers in Brussels?

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Yes! The new research results of the MCB project show high concentrations of media workers in the Belgian capital. Researchers Victor Wiard and David Domingo authored the new Deliverable (4.2a), which presents various data of a census on media workers in Brussels that is now available for download on our website. The Deliverable named “First census of media workers in Brussels” uses various datasets and reports to provide these insights and more.

The Deliverable is part of Work Package 4 and aims at providing a first overview of media workers in Brussels. ULB (ReSIC – Research centre in information and communication) was in charge of the research. The report uses a variety of regional, national and international data sources as well as desk research to analyze and compare estimates. It proposes to sort data using the two models established in Deliverable 4.1 differentiating  media workers by media sector and into media employees, media professionals and media producers. It hopes to provide a valuable first overview of who produces mediated content in the region of Brussels, either as a job, a hobby or in a professional manner.

The Results of the Census

Deliverable 4.2a can be found in the section Publications.

And Visualizations can be found here.

Data provided by the NSSO, NISSE, and BISA shows that more than 16.000 individuals work for companies of one of the four sectors identified through Work Package 1, or are self-employed. Numbers show 14.825 employees and 1.344 self-employed. More than 6.000 workers are part of the audiovisual sector.

These numbers clearly show a high concentration of media activities in the city/region. The evolution shows a slow decline in media employees over time and an augmentation of self-employement. These results could indicate a degradation in the working conditions of Brussels’ media workers, though further in-depth investigation is required.